Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Safety gear possibilities

After CJ's and my conversation this weekend about his spotting me when I swim and what safety equipment to use, I did some research.

We want something that is 1) inexpensive, 2) light weight, 3) easy to use, and 4) effective (not necessarily in that order.)

A ring buoy is an obvious choice. But it would have the drawback of being big and bulky, not to mention dorky. I just don't see CJ walking along the shore, following me, with a ring buoy over his shoulder. He isn't a lifeguard, just a husband who doesn't want to feel helpless if his partner is needing assistance.

So then we discussed a throw bag. The throw bag has the advantage of being light weight, easy to use, and easy for him to store in a backpack or other bag. This is likely the option we are going to go with. CJ was worried about the ease of use for this for a rescue. I showed him a few articles, mostly focused on kayaksers, and he's agreed that this could work.

The plan now is to do a little more research and make a purchasing decision. I'll keep things updated when it comes in.


  1. Rebecca,

    A friend of mine just sent me your blog and, having just begun OWS'ing this year, I am enjoying reading of your adventures. I've been thinking about the safety spotting issue too and asked one of the guys at Speedy Reedy about it. He suggested the ISHOF SafeSwimmer ( a possibility.

    Another of my friends bought one so we could test it. So far so good.



  2. Thanks for the advice. I have had others recommend that as well, and they were on backorder last time I tried to get one. Was able to order this week, and it shipped today!