Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Beauty and Reclaiming Time

This morning I was getting dressed in the locker room at the gym after my swim.  Two women were putting on makeup at the mirrors. One said to the other "what would happen if we were naturally beautiful."

I did a double take, then had to speak up. "You ARE naturally beautiful" I said. They agreed, laughed, and then went into a long conversation about how bad it is to have blonde eyelashes. They talked about mascara, tinting, extensions, weighing the pros and cons of each.

I wanted to scream.

You are naturally beautiful! Blonde eyelashes aren't bad or good, they just are! 

And really, how hard do we as women need to work to find something we hate about our bodies.  Eyelash color? Seriously? How inconsequential.

What would happen if we looked in the mirror every morning. Said "hey, beautiful". And moved on with our day? We could save 15 (or more) min a day, an hour and 45 min a week, 7 and a half hours a month-- almost a whole workday-- or 91.7 hours a year-- almost four whole days!!

What would you do with four found days? Probably not worry about the color of your eyelashes.

Let's see ourselves for the natural beauties we are, and spend those four days celebrating our bodies.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Synchro-- getting better

Synchro is HARD and FUN!! The synchro workout is once a week for two hours. We do about an hour of workout then work on our routine.  This week's workout looked like this:


  •  400 free with every 4th lap breast
  • 200 kick alternating flutter and dolphin
  • 3 x 75-- 25 swim, 25 kick, 25 pull in free, back and breast
  • 3 x 100-- side flutter, head up breaststroke, egg beater, and head first scull
  • 5 min stretching on the wall
  • crane, and vertical alignment practice
Then followed by an hour of working on the routine.  The routine is coming along. That's me furthest from the camera. As you can see, we are working on counts.

Swimming into Spring

My favorite aunt (just kidding, I love them all equally) lives just outside of San Diego. I try to get to see her about twice a year, because she's a awesome lady and she lives in a sunny paradise. I was down there the third week of March, just in time to see spring spring fourth.

For some reason, I'd never been to La Jolla.  This is a problem that I'm glad I have now rectified.  How could I possibly have missed Seal Beach? The sign warned against selfies with seals.

So of course I took one-- though you can see I did so from a safe distance.

I was also impressed to see the seals nursing their pups. I know that seals are mammals, but on some level it had never occurred to me that they would nurse. Yes, mammals nurse. I get that, I just never actually connected it in my head.  It was awesome to see them.

In La Jolla, it wasn't just the seals that were showing off their young.  These Cormorants were, as well as the Pelicans. Spring was busting out all over.

On the swimming front, I spent a lovely afternoon at the beach with my spouse, aunt and her companion. I got to swim while they sat on the beach.

And true to fashion, we had ice cream after!

Bonus photo from the trip-- this was in a bar we went to for trivia. Good advice for all!

And bonus bonus photo, with my historic fear of flying, I was proud to take this photo at take off from SEATAC.  That's my friend, Mt. Rainier.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Podcast infamy

A friend of mine from way back when, married a guy and they live here in Seattle.  He's working on starting a podcast focused on West Seattle. I swim in West Seattle. Hence, he made a podcast about my swim group, and he did a mighty fine job if I do say so myself.

That's Andy, drying off after he got knee deep in the water.

Listen here:
PCWS Episode 2.

And thank you to Andy for the mighty fine job portraying the NAS folks.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thoughts about synchro and training

My synchro beginners series ended in November. Since then, we've been practicing with whoever can coach us on any given day.  However, with the new year starting, we have a new commitment to training, and the coaches have worked out a schedule with us.  S*** just got real!

Now practices are 2 hours long, include a lot of drilling, and some very specific coaching on skills.  There are, so far, three of us beginners who want to go on to compete, and we are talking about going to two invitational meets this spring, to get practice with competitions.

I've committed to synchro for this season, and am looking forward to the intensity of training, learning something new, and getting to be on a team.  It has been about a decade since I last seriously trained for an event, and I love the discipline of it.  I know this is going to be a hard path. Although I was worried about if training would take the joy out of swimming last year, it didn't. And I think that the training will be part of the joy of synchro!

This past week we were working on front layout to pike, and I was able to do it.  I hadn't been able to do it on prior attempts.  Seeing progress is fun.

In no time, we will be looking like this:

Photographic proof

I've been swimming all winter.  And this week an excellent and talented photographer came along with a partner to steer the canoe while he shot.  He got some excellent shots, including these of me.

I'm in the back there, and this is me swimming with my two best swim friends (BSF). We always goad each other into the water. And if I do crawl, I can keep up with them.  When the water is choppy and I do breast, I'm a bit slower.

Doing breast. I love that he got the background in this one to give perspective. And you can see the temperature, by the way the walker is dressed.

I wear the black gloves in the winter to keep my hands warm.  Without them I probably could only stay in about half as long.  This swim was 26 minutes.

This is probably my favorite of the set. I hate breathing on the left, but am glad I was practicing the bilateral that day!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Swimming with a whale

Yes, you read that right. I finally got the experience of swimming in the Sound knowing there was a whale nearby.  I was getting ready to swim with the Notorious Alki Swimmers, when we spotted a whale just off shore.  After watching for a while, the blows were seen again.  Our best guess is a Gray Whale.

I still hope to someday see a whale while I'm IN the water.  But this will do for now!!

Here's the gang that can say they've swum with a whale!