Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Kavana

The Kavana Cooperative, which I've been involved with since it's start, 5 years ago, had a birthday party tonight. Bring your dinner, and Kavana will provide cake. At Golden Gardens, the quintessential Seattle beach. I see it as the perfect opportunity for a swim.

Dinner with my friends. Socializing. Cake. What more could a girl want? A vast Sound to swim in!

After dinner, I suited up and went down to the water. My friends watched my bag, and we had a quick saftey check-- I told them my planned course, and estimated time.

I'd forgotten Puget Sound is salt water!! This was my first salty swim. My friend BL had said his daughter had been in the water over the weekend and on a scale of "nice" to" eek its cold" it was just a Brrrrr. She was right. After the initial brrrr, the wetsuit warmed and the water was delightful.

I was swimming around 8:30pm with high tide at 9:18. I'd read that there tends to be a current across this beach in a northern direction. And that was correct. I got in at the south end (because that's where my friends were. I know to typically swim against the current first). I knew I could get out at any time and walk back if needed. The beach is sand, and therefore easy to walk on.

I'd forgotten that salt water can be icky. On your lips. And nose. There were a lot of seagulls, one who almost didn't fly away as I approached. And a lot of seaweed. But the temps were great. I had a yellow lab seriously consider swimming in to "save" me. And a kid skipping stones lob one at my head. There was a photographer who took tons of photos of me-- I wish I could get copies. This made me consider putting a name or URL on my swim cap, so folks could find me.

Generally a good swim. If I ever do an "Iron" length swim, I want it to be in fresh water. The salt got to me.

Air Temp: 73* Water Temp: 54* Time in the Water: 25 min.

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