Friday, July 1, 2011

Is gear the answer?

I wore sandals for last night's swim. The beach I enter on is rocky and I HATE walking across the rocks. I find it very hard, at the end of the swim, to establish balance on the rocks and it hurts my feet getting out.

So I wore my water sandals (they are like Tevas, but a brand I picked up in Israel years ago called "Lizard"). When I would do the crawl, they acted like little flippers, boosting my kick. When I would breast stroke, they would create drag. Slowing me down.

RJ suggested I get the Vibram 5-fingers shoes. She has a pair, and loves them, not just for swimming. I've been wanting a pair, but am unsure about the $100 price tag.

So the question now is, is this a good excuse to get shoes I've been wanting. Or is this another case of just throwing money at the problem. Should I move up one park north, and get a more sandy water entrance, driving 5 min further to swim, but saving $100 in shoes. Should I learn to just suck it up and do the rocky entrance? Is gear the answer?

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  1. $100 price tag is a bummer, but I have spotted 5 fingers in the REI gear basement and at thrift stores