Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This is supposed to be fun

I woke up to freezing temperatures, but a clear day.  I'd committed, in my head, to a swim, but was having a hard time convincing myself I really wanted to do so. So I had a conversation with my husband that went something like this:
Me: I don't want to go.
Him: You don't have to go.
Me: I don't want to go.
Him: You don't have to go.
Me: This is supposed to be fun. It doesn't sound fun.
Him: You don't have to go.
Me: I'm going!

Driving over, the city was socked in with fog.  My first glimpse of the water looked like this:

Seriously. That's not exactly inviting for swimming!

But I still did it. This was the group from this week, smaller than last.

I think the motto, as we entered, was "just like bathwater." 

And here's a photo of me (blue swim cap) with the space needle hovering in the background.

I ended up staying in the water for 45 min, swam to the third staircase, and felt like I could have gone longer. The water was flat and calm. The swim was amazing. I'm glad I went. I did have fun!

The wetsuit has a small hole on my hip.  I didn't feel it while swimming, but will need to fix it this week!

Air temp: 34.  Water temp: 50.

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  1. Reebs, 45 mins of swimming is to long. I'm proud of you staying on water in the long period of time.

    Compressed Air Blog