Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gear Review- Prescription Goggles

As I've aged, my eyes have gotten progressively worse.  In anticipation of the recent Yellowstone trip, I wanted new glasses, so saw my eye doctor (I wanted to be able to spot those bear!!). New prescription in hand I ordered new glasses.  Then I realized that prescription goggles were a possibility.

So I ordered the Speedo Vanquisher from Swim Outlet. For $13 plus shipping it seemed worth a try. You can only order them with both eyes the same prescription, and they don't do the prism for astigmatism.  But for $13, why not?

Yesterday was my first swim in them.  It was AMAZING what I could see. Sighting off features on the other side of the lake was easy. Seeing my fellow swimmers was a breeze. The only drawback of seeing so clearly is also seeing what's under the water clearly.  Ick.

I thought I was ordering goggles similar to what I typical wear, with the rubber gaskets that go around your eye socket.  Instead, these are the kind that fit inside your eye socket.  I find them a little uncomfortable to remove, as the suction is tight. But that discomfort is worth the reward of clear vision while swimming.

Bottom line-- I'm thrilled to have them!

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