Friday, February 3, 2017

Healing Power of Water

I have been sitting on a post for more than a month now, and it is keeping me from posting other things.  The post is about how I used swimming to help me feel ok when my world collapsed this fall.  But it is too personal.  Too close to home.  So I sit on it, and can't publish it.

During my swim yesterday, in the pool, at the gym.  I again saw a little old man who is there probably daily (I don't know, because I'm not there daily, but he is there every time I am). He walks into the pool with a cane.  Then water walks for 10 min or so and does some other exercises and stretches. Then gets out.

When he gets out his gait is noticeably improved. He carries the cane instead of using it.  He stands up straighter. He walks more evenly.

Water is powerful.  While this fall it healed my world, it also, clearly, heals this man's body.

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