Thursday, June 23, 2011

Braver man than I

Back in the water today, after a week off for a bad cold. Got to the beach, tired, grumpy, hungry. As I was pulling on the wetsuit, a guy got out, wearing only swim trunks. I asked him how the water was. He said it felt great. He hadn't thought he'd get out today. I said "You are a braver man than I, going without a wetsuit." He said it was warm. So I skipped the gloves and booties.

I got in. He got out. And he was right. It was warm. And beautiful. Within minutes my swimming peace came over me. The plan was for a short swim, but once I was out there I didn't want to stop. So instead of turning around at the first turn point, I went to the second. And half way to the third. I need to find my anti-fog spray for my goggles, I spent too much time fiddling with them.

The water is back on at the outdoor shower, and the life-guards start this weekend. Perhaps summer is here.

Air Temp: 65 Water Temp: 63 Swim time: 35 min

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